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Vegan Cornbread

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vegan cornbread

Proper cornbread, as dished out in the American South, is comfort food to many. Messing with it is sacrilege. And yet a growing number of people, aware of the impacts of factory farming on the environment and so much more, still would like to be able to have cornbread. For all of them, there’s this….

New Keto and Vegan Wine Launches

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Veganism is in. That makes vegan wine the hot new trend, whether you saw it coming or not. (Mostly not!) Smartvine Wine is leading the pack in catering to this very specialized market. Smartvine is certified vegan and keto-friendly. The Santa Barbara-based company recently debuted with three varieties of wine (red, white, rose) and the…

Vegan Take on Southern Classic: Mushroom Étoufée

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Étoufée is a classic Cajun and creole dish. “Étoufée” translates roughly to “smothered.” Traditionally, Étoufées are made with shrimp or crawfish but faced, one day, with an abundance of chanterelle mushrooms and some unexpected vegetarians at my table, I thought I’d try a vegetarian version, replacing the shellfish entirely with cleaned and sliced chanterelles. Despite…

Snacking Through Super Bowl

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Among other things, Chef Chris Scott is an expert on all things to do with tailgating and food parties. He’ll be reporting live from Frito-Lay’s Casa de Crunch at the site of the Big Game in Miami to show off his big game party tips and latest and greatest snacks from Frito-Lay. Chef Scott will…

Garlic Confit

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Garlic confit is a tiny miracle. No matter what your personal diet looks like, garlic confit is a rich and healthful addition. Spread it on toast, add to soups or sauces for a rich and flavorful punch… even eat with a spoon. Delicious, easy to make and can also help with any vampire problem you…