New Keto and Vegan Wine Launches


Veganism is in. That makes vegan wine the hot new trend, whether you saw it coming or not. (Mostly not!)

Smartvine Wine is leading the pack in catering to this very specialized market. Smartvine is certified vegan and keto-friendly. The Santa Barbara-based company recently debuted with three varieties of wine (red, white, rose) and the wine club it connects with has gone viral with health and fitness influencers around the country.

With all of this year’s major awards shows making a significant showing of offering plant-based options, Smartvine’s choices could not be more timely. The company was recently featured at the Critics’ Choice Awards with the goal of creating more opportunities for partnerships like this in the future. “What makes a wine unhealthy or non-vegan?” was a common question asked at the Critics’ Choice Awards. The answer is surprising — most wines are filtered using animal products, such as egg whites, gelatin, hemoglobin (pig blood), and isinglass (dried fish bladder). Most mass-produced wine (although marked safe by the FDA) also has a long list of harmful chemicals, including arsenic and glyphosate.

Smartvine is consciously made by esteemed winemaker Steve Clifton and nutritionist/founder Christine Fitzgerald who works with high-level celebrity clients. Smartvine is not only delicious, it is also made with organic grapes, is vegan and keto-friendly with moderate alcohol, and has two carbs per glass and only one gram of sugar per bottle. Smartvine is the only wine proven by lab testing to be 100% free of glyphosate (the herbicide known as Roundup) and other toxic additives often found in wine. Infused with an organic proprietary blend of turmeric, lemon peel, chicory root and muscadine grape skin, Smartvine offers elevated antioxidants and may have anti-inflammatory properties that combat the bloat that wine often causes. The goal: stay hangover and headache-free.

Smartvine Facts:

  • 1 g of sugar per bottle
  • Keto-friendly
  • 2 carbs per glass
  • High in antioxidants
  • Certified glyphosate, chemical, additive-free
  • Certified vegan
  • Organically farmed grapes

“As a nutritionist, I decided the market needs a wine that allows indulgence without undoing the hard work put into a healthy lifestyle. Why focus on health but drink a wine loaded with chemicals and extra sugar? It’s amazing. The perspective between wine and food differs. We need to address the issues of traditional wine,” says Fitzgerald. “We’re proud to be a conscious brand that supports a healthy social life and living an active lifestyle.”

Smartvine is making its social footprint fast and deep in the wellness and philanthropic space. The conversation and the goal: to create more meaningful plant-based, sustainable partnerships in the future and bring awareness to the importance of vegan, chemical-free wine.

You can get more information here. ◊

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