Garlic Confit


Garlic confit is a tiny miracle. No matter what your personal diet looks like, garlic confit is a rich and healthful addition. Spread it on toast, add to soups or sauces for a rich and flavorful punch… even eat with a spoon. Delicious, easy to make and can also help with any vampire problem you might be having.

Oh! And it’s super easy.

Garlic Confit

1 cup garlic cloves, outer shell removed
Extra Virgin oil to cover (about one cup)

Place garlic cloves in a small saucepan with a tight-fitting lid. Heat on low and don’t let the garlic brown. You’re essentially poaching the garlic, so the heat must be very low.

Add oil to cover.

Cook covered for about an hour or until the garlic is very soft.


What to do with garlic confit

• Spread on toast or crackers
• Mash into potatoes or other vegetables
• Incorporate into salad dressing
• Spread onto a sandwich, instead of mayo
• Toss with vegetables and pasta
• Mash into paste and add to yogurt with salt, shredded cucumber and mint for a fast Tzatziki

A cautionary tale

Garlic and olive oil are neutral in pH and so can spoil rapidly. Take care to:

• Cook all of the water out of the garlic (hence the long, slow cooking)
• Use a clean jar with a tight fitting lid to store
• Cool the jar as quickly as possible
• Don’t leave it sitting around outside of the refrigerator
• Use it within a couple of weeks
• Don’t double dip

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