Casual West Coast Dinner

Casual Dinner

Suitable for Parties with both Vegetarians & Carnivores attending
This dinner can be served plated or family style

Artisan Bread

with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Reduction

Course #1 (Salad Course)

Spinach Salad

with seasonal fruit & chevre


Baby Organic Greens

with Pinot Noir Dressing

Course #2 (Soup Course)

Curried Squash Soup


Prawn Bisque

Course #3 (Entree Course)

Cedar Plank Roasted Local Salmon


Vegetable Goulash with Rosemary

Carrots, Cauliflower & new Potatoes in a classic Hungarian stew

both served with

Rice Pilaf

made with shallots and a blend Canadian Wild Rice and North American short grain rice

Course #4 (Dessert Course)

Flight of Fruit Sorbets served with Handmade Truffles


Chocolate Brownie

with Sûpreme of Valencia Oranges in Orange Sauce

Coffee & Tea Service